Valued Clients of Lilley Financial Group and RG Leslie Insurance

We are pleased to confirm that the Lilley Financial Group and RG Leslie Insurance have come together
and business will continue with no effect on you, our valued clients. Ray Leslie will be remaining with
RG Leslie doing new business and taking on the role of consultant moving forward. We are pleased that
Ray is remaining with our firm and continuing to share his business and client wealth of knowledge.

Retirement Planning

Lilley Financial Group provides wealth management strategies that give you peace of mind by eliminating the stress associated with managing your own capital. High net worth, affluent and institutional clients are provided with tailored solutions by our experienced team with a successful long-term track record and high ethical standards.

“Transforming success into significance”
Estate Planning

Looking beyond your own needs to consider your legacy to future generations, together we can design a financial and corporate structure that integrates with your overall estate plan whether transferring wealth to the next generation or to your charitable pursuits.

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