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Our Team

Chole Vargas

Chole Vargas has been advising clients for over 20 years. His passion started when working in a prestigious law firm in Bogota, Colombia with the planning and execution of risk management strategies for financial institutions. Chole worked with clients, helping them to preserve their assets, meet financial obligations and reconcile their complex debt obligations.


Chole joined forces with Lilley Financial Group as an Associate Advisor and Investment Representative in 2015. During this time, Chole has proven his dedication to providing creative solutions to his clients at every stage of their life, while supporting them in establishing a secure future. 


Chole works primarily with families who realize the benefit of financial and estate planning. He finds the most fulfillment in building long-term relationships with clients helping them to achieve their financial and lifestyle goals for now and in the future. With an outgoing and personalized hands-on approach, he is frequently referred to the friends and family of clients.


Chole provides tailor-made financial planning advice and solutions using a variety of investment and portfolio solutions. He creates customized wealth management and investment strategies based on an understanding of his clients' unique financial position and long-term goals and needs.


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