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Critical illness insurance

  • A look at critical illness insurance claims
    We will explore the ways in which insurance can benefit you, including areas such as protecting your family and business in the event of a calamity, business succession, tax-sheltering investments, off-setting estate taxes and supplementing retirement income. > More info
  • Coverage when it counts
    Unexpected health problems can throw your plans and goals off track. Getting sick can be expensive and not all bills will be covered by provincial health plans. Medical advancements mean more people survive illnesses – like cancer and stroke – than ever before, but recovery can be long and difficult. You can take steps now to help protect your family’s lifestyle and savings if you get sick later. If you’re faced with a serious illness and you have a plan, you can focus on your recovery and worry less about money. > More info
  • Let’s prepare for the unexpected and keep your plans intact
    You’ve achieved success by working hard and making wise financial decisions. It means you can enjoy your wealth how, and when, you want. But have you considered how an unexpected illness might affect your financial plan? A surprise like this could throw off your goals and you might not be able to use your money how you intend. > More info
  • Help protect your RRSP with critical illness insurance
    What if illness interrupts your plan? Some people may think of an RRSP as the key to retirement and a safety net for unexpected events. However, what would happen to your financial security if you experienced a critical illness or condition? A life-threatening illness can affect your family, your ability to work and your future, well beyond recovery. > More info

Thank you Chole.   Mitchell received the funds quickly and efficiently.  We appreciate your assistance during this very difficult time.  




Awesome news Chole thank you so much.  It definitely is a huge relief.   


Thanks again,





Hi Chole: Thank you for seeing me last Fri.  Your  explanations and suggestions were helpful.  Your suggestions to purchase a new policy made sense.





Thanks Chole for going the extra mile!






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